Guest Bloggers Welcomed

Guest Bloggers
Do you have a lot of ideas or are a crafty person with no desire to hassle with running a website ? Well, Mamaw’s Corner wants YOU !

Things have been busy lately with getting into a new career in these latter years and also with getting all the crafts ready for Mamaw’s Corner and, well you know, every day stuff ! But I would love to share your ideas.

If you have a recipe, craft, tip, or anything you think would be a good fit for Mamaw’s Corner, please send me your idea ! You will get full credit for your creativity.

Click here to send me an email with your content.

My daddy always taught me there are 3 things you never discuss with friends; money, religion and politics. No political or religious topics are covered on Mamaw’s Corner but we do like saving money. So your money saving tips are more than welcomed as well.

Have a website ? I will gladly link to your content friendly website too.

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Irish Eggs – Pampered Chef Recipe

Irish Eggs in a Frame

Trade in a full Irish breakfast for this light, quick meal. Heat 1 tsp. canola oil in a 12″ Executive Skillet over medium-high heat for 1 – 3 minutes. Add in ½-inch bell pepper rings and crack an egg into each. Cook 5 – 7 minutes or until tops of eggs are set. Sprinkle with shredded Swiss cheese, salt and pepper.

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Shamrock eggs

Garden Planner

For all you gardeners out there here is a digital tool from The Old Farmer’s Almanac that helps you plan this springs garden.
It is a pay for program, but you can use it FREE for 30 days, which is ample time to get your plans all drawn out.
It includes planting charts adapted for your area and other guides.
Happy Gardening !
Check out the Garden Planner here.

Mod Podge – Pencil Holder


Where has Mod Podge been my whole life.   This stuff is super cool.

You can transform anything into a crafty project with Mod Podge.   My grandkids wanted pencil holders so we did this crafting project together.


Clean Aluminum Can – example, an empty can of green giant corn
Paper, Printer, Scrapbooking or Paint program (or Scrapbook Paper)
Paper Cutter
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

Free knitting patterns – Choose from apparel, baby, throws and more!


Remove the label and the sticky glue from the aluminum can. Wash and let it dry completely.


Pick the pattern you want for your project. My grandson picked this pattern from my scrapbook program, Scrapbook Factory. You will need two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for this project.


Make a fresh pitcher of tea because this will be the first of many projects because this stuff is fun !


Measure the can and cut your pattern. Cut one rectangular piece for the inside, another rectangular piece for the outside and 2 round pieces for the inside and outside bottom.
Add an extra 1/4 inch to the outside pieces to overlap and cover the top and bottom edges of the can (this I learned from experience).


The rim from a mason jar works well as a pattern for the inside bottom. For the outside bottom, add the 1/4 inch overlap allowance. Use a compass to get a nice circle.

7_pattern pieces

The pattern pieces are all cut out with the extra 1/4 inch allowance for the outside pieces.

8_mod Podge

Use a toothpick to hold the pieces of paper while you “paint” the Mod Podge on the underside of all the pieces except the rectangular piece that will go on the inside body of the can.

9_bottom inside

Insert the inside bottom piece in the can and use the ruler to guide it down into place.


The rectangular piece for the inside was a bit tricky. The first time I put the Mod Podge on the paper and tried to guide it in the can. DO NOT DO THIS ! Another lesson learned as I went along.
Instead, using the paint brush, coat the inside of the can with the Mod Podge then guide the paper down into place. Again, use the ruler to gently smooth the paper around the inside of the can. Be patient as air bubbles tend to form as the Mod Podge dries. Work them out before you proceed. And be gentle. The wet paper will tear.   Reapply Mod Podge to the edges, if necessary, to be sure they are completely glued down.
I learned all these lessons as I went, the first one was a little challenging but it got easier as I learned about these little snags. Hey, it’s only a mistake when you make it twice, the first time it’s a learning experience, right !


For the outside pieces, you can just apply the Mod Podge directly to the paper then guide it into place gently working out any air bubbles. Bend the top and bottom outside allowance over the top and bottom rim, respectively, and use the Mod Podge to seal it down
On this project, we printed a separate label where it says “Joshua’s Pencils”. This is up to you whether to add it directly on your original print or to make a separate label.
I must add, my grandson designed the text and design himself on the label.


To finish it off, using your paint brush, “paint” a layer of Mod Podge on the outside to seal it off and give your project a finish. Mod Podge comes in Matte, Gloss, Glitter, Glow in the Dark…lots of options. The Mod Podge is amazing in that it even seals the edges so that you cannot even tell where the edges meet.
On the outside coat of Mod Podge make your paint strokes as even as possible for a smooth finish.
We made both of these in about an hour.
Have fun and be creative. I have several Mod Podge projects I am itching to try. I will share them as they roll out.
Happy Crafting !

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Feral Cat Deterrent


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001 Do you have a problem with cats in your gardens ?

My neighbors, bless their hearts, I really love them. We have been neighbors since Moby was a minnow.
But the last few years they have taken to feeding stray cats.
Daily, my dear, sweet, kind hearted, good intentioned neighbors fill up the food bowl and set it by the back door. The food also brings the possums, raccoons and who knows what other critters, but most annoyingly, it draws a lot of feral cats ! At one time last year we had at least 12 cats calling the immediate neighborhood home. Cats know no boundaries.
Cats are awesome creatures. I have a cat of my own and enjoy his company and antics, most of them anyway (we have an issue that he has laid claim to one of the counters in the kitchen, but we have stopped using that counter for food).
But cats multiply. Even with their catch, fix and release efforts, more cats show up. We are already up to 7 cats again and it is not even spring yet.
Last year, the cats dug up countless onions and other plants.  Luckily, I had planted plenty of seeds but the aggravation continued. They knock over planters trying to do their business. They used my flower gardens as litter boxes and the smell of cat urine was overwhelming when sitting on my patio. The list goes on.
I tried cayenne pepper but unless you are willing to take stock out in a spice factory and apply it nearly daily, it does no good.
Mothballs, OMG, the smell was almost as obnoxious as the cat urine.
I tried talking to my neighbors about the cats, trying to imply that if they are putting food in one end, then they should provide a sandbox or SOMETHING to account for the food coming out the other end. The hint went in one ear and out the other, I reckon.
Ever put your hand in cat do-do while weeding the garden ? It kind of makes a person get a little ticked, really A LOT ticked off.
The one deterrent that I have found really works is cutting up citrus and putting it in strategically placed areas around the yard, particularly where they like to use as a potty ground.
Cats do not like the smell of citrus. My cat scrammed after checking out what I was doing while I was cutting up all the oranges, lemons and limes…and I swear, he gave me a dirty look before going off to another place in the house to get away from the smell.
It is a humane but effective way to keep the cats from doing their business where you do not want it.
Hopefully, with some perseverance on our part, we can keep a civil lid on the ‘cat thing’ going on in the neighborhood. The neighbors can enjoy all their feral tribe and we can have a good produce of onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and so on without the aggravation and smell.
Ask your local grocery store if they have any citrus they are going to throw away. You might possibly be able to get some free or discounted.


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Time To Start Getting Seeds Planted For Spring Planting

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Yeah ! It is finally almost here. Well, at least time to start getting our hands dirty.
Since we like to plant our potatoes and onions on St. Paddy’s day, it is time to get those onion seeds going indoors.
Actually, my goal was to get the seeds planted by January 15th, but due to getting my seed order a couple of days later than anticipated, and of course, procrastination, the onions will be under the grow lights with anticipation and loving care until they are ready to plant on March 17th.
Later, in February and march will come the tomatoes, peppers, flowers and a little later, cucumbers.
I am sure hoping this to be a good growing season for a lot of home grown produce and lots of little cucumbers for pickles and tomatoes to can and enjoy all year long.
Mamaw’s Corner will present a diary of Mamaw and Papa’s 2013 gardens.
Happy Planting !



Pampered Chef

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It has been a couple of days since I have had the chance to post. Another page that will be coming to Mamaw’s Corner is Crafts, I have been crazy into Mod Podge. That stuff is so cool.
I took some plain tin cans and used a scrapbook program to come up with some cool backgrounds then mod podged the paper to the cans, inside and out. Now we have 2 cool looking, personalized pencil holders with another one ready to make. I leaned some lessons in getting the gaps filled on the top and bottom. This project will be posted soon. They are fun to make and kids love them. You can even get the kids in on the design.
And it is almost that time of the year when the daylight is sticking around a little longer and time to get those seeds planted. Mamaw’s Corner will also be sharing gardening information and photos of the work in progress throughout the spring and summer.
The last couple of days I have been busy trying to learn my new role as a Pampered Chef consultant. I am excited to be sharing these cool products and setting up parties. You can have a catalog or Facebook party regardless of your location to the consultant. Hostesses get rewarded well by Pampered Chef, even for Catalog and Facebook parties. If you are interested in getting these perks as a hostess, get in contact with me:
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